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Aligning Energies


Foundations for Transformative Community was a year-long course of study offered by Cerridwen that included classes, weekend workshops, and one-to-one peer counseling for spiritually-oriented teachers, healers, therapists, religious leaders and social change agents. The focus was on building close, genuine, liberating relationships; remembering and reconnecting with the divinity inside us and all around us; releasing old hurts and freeing ourselves of limiting patterns and beliefs; expanding our use of inner wisdom, faith and loving power; and building together the foundations for an ongoing community of transformation. We worked with the tools of transpersonal peer counseling, inner guidance, liberation theory, individual and group empowerment, communication, consensus and conflict resolution.

Exquisite Energysm is a wonderfully nourishing, feel-good event that has been offered at many locations, for many different groups. It is a unique program of gentle movements from qigong and guided hands-on healing. Participants are guided in ways of clearing, balancing and enriching their energy individually, as a whole group and in small healing teams for giving and receiving.

LifeSource Healingsm has been offered as a form of individual healing work and also as an ongoing training group focusing on spiritual attunement, plus healing and empowerment for yourself and others through a body-centered connection with Source. LifeSource Healing provided a unique integration of inner guidance, energy healing, neurolinguistic programming, qigong, and contemporary shamanism. (Aligning Energies has added energy psychology, energy medicine, and Hellinger constellation work.) Advanced classes in LifeSource Healing included transpersonal hypnotherapy and design and facilitation of ecstatic healing ceremonies.

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