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Aligning Energies


"Cerridwen’s healing consistently awakens, validates and strengthens my being’s healing essence, creating a healing environment permeated with safety and acknowledgement of life’s processes. My energies flow freely into expressive, tangible forms of my deepest, creative self."

KS, Special Needs Teacher

"Through Cerridwen’s work, I’ve healed old wounds and received specific instructions for this lifetime which have unlocked creative energy and wisdom. I have clearer understanding and renewed purpose for being here now."

NM, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master Healer and Teacher

"Cerridwen is a warm, highly spiritual, intelligent, wonderfully supportive, powerful and open person. Her excellent teaching and counselling skills, her wealth of knowledge, and her deep understanding of what it means to be a human being in today’s world are a tremendous combination."

ES, Psychotherapist


"Imagine yourself bathed in an energy experience so complete, it calls you to transcend time and space. Imagine working in holy concert with those invisible, yet ever-present allies available to assist your higher journey. Compassionate spirit and animal guides, once unknown, become alive with their healing energy. Such is the experience with Cerridwen - a nurturing guide to help us unplug and heal from our deepest emotional or spiritual negativity and pain. She has led me to the positive Light of Transformation and for that I am truly grateful."

DS, communications consultant

"Cerridwen is effective at creating conditions for self expression, acceptance, love, release and empowerment."

RP, teacher, workshop leader

"With the support of Cerridwen’s enthusiastic and inspired leadership and her uncanny ability to put together a group of people capable of deeply challenging and energizing each other, she was able in a remarkably short time, to help me move from a peripheral position in the group to one in which I was experimenting with my own leadership. No small feat."

MH, artist

"Regarding the phone session, I thought it went very well. I needed to go really slowly, and you were able to hear that and to slow down for me. I needed to keep backtracking ‘til I found a place to start that felt safe, and you were able to hear that and help me backtrack. You were able to respond to my needs, even though they changed from moment to moment. You were sensitive to and respectful of where I needed to be, and were not judgmental.

I really liked the way you were able to shift gears, and do something very different than what you had expected. You showed great respect towards your client (me). Excellent boundaries. That was good for safety-building for me. You listened well and took in what I said. You went slowly, you were patient.

This ability to let me set the agenda instead of running the session according to your own needs and assumptions is what a healer should do, but not everyone has that ability. You ‘got it.’ And that capacity of yours, to stay present with the client, is a great skill.

(About another session) I really enjoyed the ‘pulling the low self-esteem in the form of a visual/tactile image’ out of myself. It was quite energizing as I did it. You had a nice, objective way of describing it, de-pathologizing it.

Another thing you did well is the way you used humor. You have just the right touch using your particular sense of humor. I don't know if other people will feel this way, since everyone has a different sense of humor. But I personally felt you used humor excellently to decrease shame and to de-pathologize."

MC, office manager

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