Aligning Energies with Cerridwen

Sessions - Overview

Each session of Aligning Energies work begins with a brief discussion of your concerns and goals and a review of what has occurred since the previous session.  If this is your first session, we will review the information you shared on your intake form.

Central to Aligning Energies is the use of Inner Guidance to identify goals, obstacles and priority interventions.   In our work together, I will guide you step-by-step through this process.

I will ask your Deepest Wisdom a series of questions to establish your highest priority goal, obtain permission to work on this goal at this time, identify what is interfering on the goal, and choose the best technique for clearing the interference and building the resources you need to move toward your goal.  I will guide you through the whole process including the intervention and closure.

Possible interference patterns that may need clearing or other treatment include:  traumas, phobias, blocked access patterns, limiting beliefs, conflicts of parts, boundary issues, limiting identities or personality patterns, energy intrusions, soul/power loss, family system or past life entanglements, and archetypal influences.

The intervention methods available to us are numerous and may include the use of sound, imagery, words and actions to focus attention and facilitate clearing the interfering patterns quickly, easily, thoroughly and permanently.

Techniques are drawn from Energy Psychology (especially HBLU, Seemorg Matrix, EFT), Energy Medicine, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hellinger constellation work, archetypal imagery work, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, contemporary shamanism and other sources.

Aligning Energies work emphasizes personal empowerment, so an important part of what we do together includes instruction and practice in energy self-care.

Telephone sessions provide a powerful way to experience this work no matter where you live. Face-to-face office sessions (in Massachusetts) are particularly advisable when hands-on energy assessment and healing work is the priority.

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