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Energy Psychology is a young field with a great deal of innovation and development happening right now at a fast clip. Aligning Energies is part of that development.

Aligning Energies is available through telephone or office sessions.  Read the session overviews to learn what to expect.  You may also want to check out the descriptions of potential benefits and the general principles underlying this work.  In Aligning Energies work, we draw from a large menu of energy interventions, approaches and protocols including tapping on meridians, balancing chakras, holding neurovasculars, and many other ways of working with energy and the whole mind-body-spirit connection through awareness, intention, visualization, movement, words, sounds, breath and touch.

Although there are many books now available on the subject of Energy Psychology, I think the real action is in workshops, trainings and private session work.  Judith Swack’s Healing from the Body Up, Asha Clinton’s Seemorg Matrix Work (now called Advanced Integrative Therapy), and Silvia Hartmann's EmoTrance have been particularly influential in the development of Aligning Energies methodologies.



Until you can get yourself to a workshop, a great place to start learning about energy psychology is Gary Craig’s web site on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  EFT is an energy psychology system that uses tapping on meridian end points as its primary energy intervention.  Seems like pretty much everyone involved in energy psychology knows EFT even if their work emphasizes other energy intervention techniques.

Of the energy psychology books that I’ve seen and read, You Can Heal Now, The Tapas Acupressure Techniques TATsm by Tapas Fleming, L.Ac., TAT International, 1998, is at the top of my list.  It is a straightforward and easy to read manual.  It includes basic theory, great anecdotes and important information on challenging topics for anyone using energy psychology.  I recommend this book, even if you end up using a different primary intervention, such as working with chakras instead of meridian points.

If you want to see the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of energy psychology, check out the research page on the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology website.   In particular, I would direct your attention to this important and award-winning article: Energy Psychology: A Review of the Preliminary Evidence. American Psychological Association 2008. New energy psychology research projects are underway right now.  Stay tuned.

Most energy psychology systems rely heavily on applied kinesiology or "muscle testing." Read about Muscle Testing Reliability and Interpretation and Muscle Testing and Inner Guidance.

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