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The physical sensation of pain has a subtle energy dimension which can be addressed through energy healing.   Pain is associated with excessive localized energy that is not able to move through and out of the body’s energy field.  There are things you can do to help such energy find its way out. Since pain has been a significant aspect of my own journey, I’ve made a point to learn what I can about reducing suffering. I’m eager to assist others.

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Remember, pain is warning signal from the physical body.  Be sure that you are working with your medical doctor to identify and address any physical conditions which are causing you pain.

A Pain Reduction Process


These are things you can do yourself or use to assist another person in pain.

Here is a pain-reduction process that I developed over the years, combining elements from different sources. This method is particularly helpful in dealing with headaches, but may offer some relief for other forms of pain as well.

For any individual and situation, some steps will be more important that others. Feel free to experiment. A trained and experienced energy healer can assist you in finding what might work best.

1. Open the crown, feet and hands to energy flow.

Pull energy at the crown using firm fingertip pressure to pull away from the center line on the head. When working on yourself, anchor your thumbs at the temple. Pull with the fingertips from the center out to the sides of the head toward the ears, starting from between the eyebrows and working back to the base of the skull. Massage palms, pull energy off fingers, massage the soles of the feet, and pull energy off the toes.

2. Open energy pathways to make room for uncomfortable energy to flow out of the body and the energy field.

If tracing energy on yourself, put one hand on the opposite shoulder and give it several good squeezes.  Then slide your hand down the outside of the arm and off the back of the hand.  Repeat on the other side.

If helping another person, use your two hands to make a sandwich at the upper chest and back with fingertips at the sternum and spine.  With firm contact with hands opposite each other, pull energy away from the center, down the arm and off the client's hand in one smooth move.  Shake energy off your own hands.  Repeat on the other side. 

On self or another, use your fingers as a comb, fingertips toward the body.  Comb down the whole energy field, with or without actual contact, several times in front, at the sides and in back, sending energy toward the earth.

3. Tune in to the specifics of the discomfort.

If working with another person in pain, ask them to tell you exactly where the pain is located.  Ask for the shape and the color of the sensation.  Then ask them to imagine pouring the sensation in a measuring cup to measure the quantity and tell you the amount.  Then ask them to tune in and describe the direction the sensation wants to move.  If you are working with your own pain – just focus in and identify for yourself the location, shape, color, quantity, and direction of the sensation.


4. Imagine clearing the way to allow the energy of the sensation to move exactly where it wants to move,

even if it wants to go deep into the body or on some roundabout route.  Allow the energy to move while following it with awareness as it travels through and out of the body and out of the energy field.   You can do this by yourself, silently following the sensation and the energy; or you can describe what is happening as it happens so that your helper is better able to support you with their own intention and awareness.   This is a very gentle witnessing process that has the quality of assisting a toddler in taking their first steps.  There is encouragement and support in the form of intention, visualization and a well-placed hand, but no pushing.  

5. Repeat step 3 and 4 until the energy moves out of the field or the discomfort dissipates.

It may take 3-5 rounds for the energy to find its way out or simply dissolve in place.  As long as things are shifting in a good direction, just keep repeating the process.

6. If the uncomfortable energy doesn't move or dissipate at all, tune in to the sensation directly and ask to hear whatever message it has.

Pain is the way that our body tells us something is wrong, especially if we have not been listening to other, gentler voices and messages. This inner dialogue is very important, especially if the other steps have not been successful and the pain is chronic, severe or recurring. 

It can be challenging to do this kind of work on yourself, by yourself. Get the help you need. Consider scheduling a phone or office session. Read about Aligning Energies sessions. This process can be guided over the phone, so distance need not be an obstacle. See also telephone sessions.

After completing a meaningful inner dialogue with the sensation of pain by arriving at a new understanding and possibly making a decision or a promise, it may be useful to repeat steps 3 and 4.

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