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Aligning Energies

General Recommendations for Seekers

  1. Develop your own inner guidance and use it to help you find teachers, friends and experiences along the way.
  2. Seek out direct experiences of connection with Spirit and Nature.
  3. Read good books and watch good movies that help you become the kind of person you want to become.
  4. Be wary of glamorous and expensive workshops that promise enlightenment and ecstatic bliss with little or no effort on your part. Sometimes the simplest things can offer the greatest reward, like getting to know the plants and animals that live in the nearby park or setting up healing exchanges with a friend.
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  6. Find and develop ways to get in touch with your body and your feelings and express yourself through movement, poetry, music, painting or some other creative outlet.
  7. Take good care of your physical, energetic and emotional well-being.
  8. Be sure that you are well grounded in ordinary reality, taking care of your health, family and financial obligations.
  9. Always check with your own common sense before making any major life changes. Don't use spirituality or personal growth as an excuse for running away or avoiding responsibility.
  10. Strive to improve yourself in these Five Points of Power:
Pay attention
Speak the truth
Ask for what you want
Take responsibility for your experience
Keep your agreements. **

** (from Guiding Yourself into a Spiritual Reality by Tolly Burkan and Peggy Dylan Burkan, currently out of print.)

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