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Aligning Energies

Muscle Testing and Inner Guidance in Aligning Energies

In Aligning Energies work, I believe that muscle testing has real benefits. I use it during office visits that emphasize assessing patterns of energy flow and disruption and the use of energy medicine interventions. Muscle testing can enable us to determine such things as whether or not there is an electro-magnetic reversal adversely affecting the energy system; whether or not specific meridians, chakras, radiant circuits or acupressure points are blocked or otherwise compromised: and whether or not specific energy exercises are needed and would be beneficial. Muscle testing also provides a quick and easy way to sort through lists of obstacles, priorities and potential interventions.

But, unlike most energy psychology systems at this time, (or so it seems) Aligning Energies work places a much stronger emphasis on the development of the client’s own inner guidance and empowerment through centering, felt awareness, guided and spontaneous imagery and inner dialogue.

Based on my own experiences working with various systems, when a client obtains information and guidance from their own center, it is significantly more empowering, compelling and intrinsically healing than with the use of muscle testing.  For one thing, every time the client thinks of their problem and then shifts their attention to their center, this is an important and powerful healing intervention in and of itself.  This approach helps the client stay connected with their body while working with challenging material.  And it assists them in gaining experience and trust that the resources that they need to deal with difficult issues can be found within themselves.

Also, with muscle testing, you are limited to yes/no questions. With inner guidance there is a potential for much more. Yes/no questions are immensely useful for sorting through priorities and lists of possible obstacles and interventions.  But with muscle testing, you only get a "yes" or a "no" with perhaps a little nuance in strength that would indicate "maybe."  Since inner guidance work makes broader use of the client’s inner experience, including their awareness of energies, sensations, and imagery; the quality and quantity of the information obtained is potentially much richer than with muscle testing.  It can feel like the difference between a Morse code message and a telephone conversation.  In some cases, it is more like a narrated slide show or even a web cam conversation.

Another issue in comparing muscle testing and inner guidance is in considerations of the source of the answer.  How a question is worded can make a huge difference with both muscle testing and inner guidance.  In some energy psychology systems, questions are addressed to "your deepest wisdom."  This helps with accessing an appropriate inner source for answers.  With inner guidance work, we take care with the wording of the question while also focusing strongly on the centering experience.

Whenever we get beyond a simple yes/no answer, the nuances of the response help with the interpretation. Guidance from Source has qualities that can be recognized as warm, expansive, light, integrated, soft-spoken, patient, confident, and accepting. The voices of fear, projection or other forms of distortion present as cold, contracted, dark, scattered, loud, urgent, fearful or judgemental. These qualities are difficult or impossible to recognize with muscle testing alone. They are much more easily recognized when using an inner guidance process, especially when deliberately paying close attention to the felt experience.

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