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Aligning Energies

Basic Principles of Aligning Energies

We are connected energetically with everything: earth, sky, nature, family, community and the Great Mystery, by whatever name we might choose. The importance of these connections for our health and wellbeing is vast.


We ordinarily perceive and interact with the world through the veil of our beliefs. Our beliefs function as a map of reality containing many deletions, distortions and generalizations. It is possible to “lift the veil” of ordinary awareness, gain new perceptions and understandings, and open ourselves to new possibilities.

People make the best choices they can within their model of the world. The most powerful changes happen when the model itself is expanded.

Healing is a process of moving toward wholeness, integrity and alignment with one’s deepest wisdom and purpose. Health and wholeness happen through the dynamics of connecting, flowing and balancing within oneself and between self and others, including the natural world.

We belong to the natural world and the human world. We can heal painful legacies and injustices of the past and establish right relationships and healthy boundaries. We can honor our ancestors, do right by our descendants, and find greater harmony in relationship with our family and community today.

Healing is natural to all life. The guidance and resources that we need to move toward healing and living our lives in alignment with our truest vision, values and purpose are available to us in the present moment when we center, ask and listen.

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