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Ordinary Reality, Spiritual Reality

Let us begin with an attempt to clarify some of the assumptions and definitions which underlie this work.  First and foremost, we assume that there is a Spiritual reality which underlies that which we ordinarily perceive.  We assume that all is interconnected, even if those connections are not always clear to us.  We also assume that communicating with Spiritual reality is a natural process practiced by our ancestors for thousands of years before recorded history.

Guidance in some form is always available to help us move toward wholeness, harmony and alignment with our Divine purpose.  Some may begin this work with the intention of communicating with their “Higher Self.”  Others may seek a prayerful dialogue with God, spirit guides, animal allies, or some other representative of the spirit realm.  Regardless of the specific beliefs or language used, we assume that the process is essentially the same.

There is something in our everyday frame of mind that is not very conducive to connecting with the spiritual realm.  Our ordinary state of mind allows us to function in the everyday world.  We must inhabit “ordinary reality” much of the time while working, shopping, negotiating, or making decisions.  Yet we desperately crave escape from this reality, and often seek it out through various forms of entertainment, recreation, and even chemical ingestion.

Ordinary reality can be described as a mode of consciousness dominated by analysis, judgment and the needs and strategies of the ego.  Ordinary reality also reflects the consensual reality of our American/Western culture with its emphasis on labeling, comparing, and controlling those things in our experience.  Action and evaluation, winning and losing, reward and punishment are all dominant themes and values of ordinary reality.  In addition, our ordinary ways of thinking are often plagued by fearful rehearsals of the future, and painful replays of the past.

ordinary reality

In our society we often oscillate between extremes of the stressful pursuit of goals and escapist release through mind-altering substances and intense sensory experiences.  We may have serious difficulty enjoying the present moment, even when we are surrounded by beauty and simple pleasures.  Our experience of the world is too often flat, dry, dead, colorless, and superficial.  And for some, life is not just colorless, but also meaningless.

In contrast, we may sometimes get glimpses of a different mode of consciousness, a different way of being, a non-ordinary reality.  We know that there is another way of experiencing life.  If we study the writings of mystics and saints and reports from ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences, the characteristics of Spiritual reality become apparent.  There is a remarkable consistency in the description of the realm of Spirit coming from different parts of the world and different cultures.

Spiritual reality comes through an experience of the here and now moment.  Instead of separation, we find unity and union.   Acceptance, compassion, trust and peace dominate the experience.  Universal, unconditional love is felt for oneself and others.  The world is juicy, alive, vibrantly rich in color, sound and texture.  The senses are open and expansive with perceptions reaching beyond the usual boundaries.

spiritual reality

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