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Aligning Energies

Office Sessions with Cerridwen

Our basic format during an Aligning Energies office session is the same as that used with the telephone sessions. I recommend reading the general session overview before reading about aspects of Aligning Energies work that are unique to office sessions.

During face-to-face office sessions in Aligning Energies, we can make use of hands-on energy testing to assess where subtle energies are out of balance.  Energy testing is also called muscle testing or applied kinesiology.   In this procedure, a light pressure is applied to an outstretched arm or leg to determine whether there is a disruption in energies.  I have received extensive professional training in the use of this technique which is a foundational skill in energy psychology and energy medicine.

Energy testing can enable us to determine such things as whether or not there is an electro-magnetic reversal adversely affecting the energy system; whether or not specific meridians, chakras, radiant circuits or acupressure points are blocked or otherwise compromised; and whether or not specific energy exercises are needed and would be beneficial. Energy testing can provide very helpful information for quickly identifying the most needed and beneficial interventions. To learn more, read Muscle Testing and Inner Guidance in Aligning Energies.

When our focus emphasizes energy medicine, my role will probably include some direct energy healing in addition to teaching, guiding and coaching.   I will be using light and deep touch, along with movement of my hands within your energy field to balance and harmonize energies.  While these methods are generally gentle and considered non-invasive, they may bring up unanticipated physical or emotional responses.  Let me know if anything feels uncomfortable for you, so we can make adjustments.  I will instantly stop any procedure if request to do so.

Scheduling and Preparing for Your Office Session

Take all the time you need to read through this document and other material available on this website or elsewhere.  Write down any questions you may have.  You may want to get some of your questions answered before scheduling a session.   Send your questions to or you can use the contact form.

When you are ready, please read the informed consent, complete the intake form send it to me.  I will send you an e-mail with possible times for scheduling an appointment.  Sessions are generally scheduled at Yoga & NIA for Life in Concord, MA or Health and Harmony in Littleton.  I will send directions.

Be sure that you schedule your session when you have the time and attention to focus deeply on our work together.  It is not wise to do this work when you are tired, hungry or may be interrupted or otherwise distracted by people or situations.  It is a good idea to schedule your appointment when you have some quiet alone time afterwards to allow the changes to settle in.  You may be surprised how profoundly affected you are by the work that we do together.

Sessions and Fees

My fee is $150 for the initial session, which usually takes two hours. You will need to pay for your first session ahead of time by sending me a check or arranging payment via Paypal. Subsequent sessions generally last approximately 90 minutes and the fee is $130. Twenty-four hour notice is required to cancel with a full refund.


Your experiences during our Aligning Energy sessions are confidential, subject to the usual exceptions that you may instruct me to release information to other health care practitioners or that I may release information if subpoenaed or otherwise legally obligated.  I may share details from your session, without revealing your identity, in the course of obtaining professional supervision, unless specifically directed by you not to do so.

Fill out the intake form

Read the informed consent

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