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Aligning Energies

Reduce stress

Get regular aerobic exercise doing something you enjoy.

The physical, chemical, emotional and energetic consequences of everyday stress can take a terrible toll on our health. Aerobic exercise helps us burn up and clear out stress hormones and toxins and release some of the physical tension from our muscles. This can be very helpful in relieving some kinds of pain. In my own experience, I found that a good swim was very helpful in reducing or preventing headaches. Find something you really enjoy that enhances your quality of life. Another example is contra-dancing, a very popular activity in New England: great music, fantastic exercise of mind and body, plus friendly, fun and easy interaction with wonderful people.


Learn how to relax your own muscles.

Develop your ability to detect where and when tension is building up in your body. Learn how to let it go. Qigong and yoga are excellent practices for learning to feel what is going on in your body and letting go of excess tension.

Get bodywork on a regular basis.

There is no substitute for touch. Learn how to give a good massage and set up trades with a friend or lover. Splurge on a high-quality professional massage when you can. Pay attention to what works to relieve your pain and tell those working on you what you need and want.

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