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Aligning Energies

Clear negative emotions

Notice the people and situations in your environment that trigger negative emotions or pain for you.

Look at your own actions, reactions and interpretations.  Consider what you might be able to do differently that could help to ease the situation.  Consider walking away, letting go or making some other significant change.

Develop expertise in calming your own reactivity.


Most modern day stressful situations are not best handled while you are in a fight, flight or freeze state. And of course, if you are in a reactive state, you are more likely to feel pain. There are many tools in energy medicine and energy psychology to assist you in clearing reactive energies from your field: tapping acupressure points, holding neurovascular points, tracing Triple Warmer meridian backwards, “Expelling the Venom”, and many more.

My own Aligning Energies work can assist you. See the article on developing energetic and emotional awareness and self care through Aligning Energies work. Most of these techniques are easy to learn and do and you might want to start exploring some of this on your own. I am fairly confident that you will feel better. To learn more about Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, check out these recommendations & resources.

Take steps to resolve personal and interpersonal conflicts when and where you can.

If your life is full of conflict whether it is based on external situations or inner turmoil, you are more likely to experience tension, stress, negative emotion, physical pain and even illness. Watch out for patterns of blaming and judgment. Consider each situation from multiple perspectives seeking deeper understanding. Read about resolving inner conflicts through Aligning Energies work.

Learn about the ways that you and your significant others habitually react to stress and how that affects your communication and potential for conflict. I am currently developing a list of Sources and Resources on Conflict Resolution. A good place to start is the Energies of Love dvd by Donna Eden and David Feinstein.

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