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My own health saga, the dental-migraine connection

There is so much I could say or write about my own healing journey. Many individuals, organizations and experiences made a real difference along the way. As you read through the various resources pages you will learn a great deal about what has helped me, what I recommend and why.

One story for which I feel a particular urgency to share is my discovery of the connection between my migraines and my dental history. If you also have mysterious, long term chronic health problems, you might also want to consider a possible contributions from your own dental health. Here’s the story:

I suffered severe migraines most of my life, about 40 years.  To some extent, I was able to attribute these to allergies, sinus problems, emotional reactions and/or physical tension. I pursued just about every possible form of treatment with limited results.  Many things helped a little, or for a while, or on occasion. Yet, sometimes the pain would still last for days, round the clock, leaving me unable to tolerate noise, bright lights or much of anything.   I really didn’t quite have a handle on the problem.  I still didn’t know why my headaches were so persistent and severe and I didn’t know why I was so much more vulnerable than other people.

Very late in life, following a tip from a friend, I was finally able to understand the sequence of events that led to my particular lifelong health problems.  He told me to go look up “jawbone cavitation” on the internet.   I learned that under old dental trauma sites and root canals in the mouth, bone tissue dies and grows infection that leaches toxins into the rest of the body.  The situation will not usually show up on routines tests, but can seriously stress your whole system and cause major health problems.

As it turns out, I had dental trauma around age 7, chipping my two front teeth.  This was not dealt with appropriately at the time due to bad dental care.  My health problems started shortly after that.  Five years later, a new dentist discovered that I had two very dead and badly infected teeth. I got root canal surgery at age 12.  But by this time I had a mouth full of badly formed teeth with many cavities and fillings, unlike anyone else in my family.

Some four decades later I finally realized that my lifelong health problems were likely related to my teeth.  I arranged to work with an exceptional biological dentist.  I had dental surgery to clear out the dead tissue from under those two front teeth and found that my most severe headaches cleared immediately!  (For more information, check out “jawbone cavitation” and “biological dentistry” on the internet.)  Obviously, it was very important that I kept searching for a deeper and clearer understanding of my health problems.

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