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Q – Do you have to believe in spiritual reality to benefit from Aligning Energies work?

A – Not at all. Aligning Energies work is carefully attuned to the needs of each client. For some, an Aligning Energies session is a deeply spiritual experience. For others, the work may be primarily physical, emotional or practical, with an emphasis on solving problems or moving toward goals. Tuning in to inner guidance can be considered simply as a way to engage and develop one’s right-brain thinking, with its great potential for intuitive insight using imagery and metaphor. I make a great effort to frame the work in each session in language that is in harmony with the client’s own beliefs.

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Q – Why should I choose your system, Aligning Energies, over Reiki or Touch for Health?

A – Aligning Energies techniques are designed to facilitate profound and lasting changes involving patterns of energy, belief, perception, and identity. If that is what you are looking for, then Aligning Energies is a better choice.

Reiki and Touch for Health are valuable energy healing modalities, but they are quite different from Aligning Energies work.

I am not trained specifically in Touch for Health, although I know that Touch for Health techniques are part of what I learned in the Donna Eden Energy Medicine system that I studied for two years. Donna Eden was trained in Touch for Health. Because of her unique gifts, including her ability to see energy, she was able to develop many other energy intervention techniques that are not included in Touch for Health.

As a Reiki client, you can generally assume that during a session you will lie on a massage table and relax deeply, while receiving beneficial Reiki energy through a practitioner. It is basically a passive process for the client. The benefits can be quite significant. But, generally speaking, there isn’t an emphasis on identifying or dealing with individual goals or specific limiting factors. One Reiki session is going to be very similar to another, though you may feel very different responses in your body. If you are looking primarily for a nourishing, feel-good, stress-reducing experience where you can just let go and have healing things done to you while you relax and just take it in, then Reiki or massage would be very good choices.

Aligning Energies office sessions often involve some hands-on healing with the client lying down on a table, but not always. Individual Aligning Energies sessions can look and feel very different, depending on the priority goal and the priority interventions for that particular session.

Unlike most other energy healing modalities, Aligning Energies work emphasizes development of the client’s own body-centered awareness and their connection with their own inner guidance. Archetypal imagery and inner dialogue play a primary role. Intervention techniques and insights are drawn from energy psychology, transpersonal hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, Hellinger constellation work, and contemporary shamanism.

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Q – Is Aligning Energies work a form of shamanism?

A – Aligning Energies work has some important similarities to shamanic practice, but is different in important ways as well.

In core shamanism, as taught by Michael Harner and others, the practitioner goes on a journey to non-ordinary reality to connect with spirit allies to obtain guidance, power, or healing for the benefit of the client, the community or themselves. In Aligning Energies work, the practitioner guides and facilitates the client in making their own connection with non-ordinary (metaphoric, right-brained, imagery-based) reality for guidance, healing, or empowerment. Both kinds of work involve an altered state of consciousness and deliberate engagement with archetypes, imagery, and energy for similar goals.

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Q – Do you offer barter or other alternatives for those with limited financial resources?

A – Yes. First, all the information on this website is offered free of charge. In addition, I have set aside time for offering Aligning Energies services to those facing economic hardship or other major challenges.

Each of our social and professional relationships is an ongoing exchange of energy and value that should contribute overall to a healthy and sustainable balance in the lives of all participants. Yet, there is much more to it than that, since arrangements of giving and receiving are sometimes more complex than they may appear. Nevertheless, fair compensation is a very important consideration for practitioners and clients.

If your financial circumstances make it difficult for you to pay the regular rate for Aligning Energies sessions, but you would still like to pursue this work, you can apply for special consideration. Complete the regular intake process as spelled out on this website and add a description of your circumstances and your request. We can explore, via e-mail or phone conversation, what kind of work together and compensation arrangements make sense for your circumstances and for mine.

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