Aligning Energies with Cerridwen

Informed Consent

Aligning Energies is a sophisticated, holistic approach that works with the mind/body/spirit connection and the human energy system.   Alligning Energies work may have profound immediate and long term benefits.  Nevertheless, individual results vary widely.  I understand that Cerridwen cannot offer a guarantee of any particular result or specific outcome from this work.

Any energy healing methods used are generally gentle and considered non-invasive.  However, they may trigger unanticipated physical or emotional responses.  It is my responsibility to speak up if any procedure is uncomfortable in any way.  I understand that Cerridwen will stop any procedure if requested to do so.

During or immediately after a treatment, unanticipated reactions and emotional material may surface including strong emotional or physical sensations, or unresolved memories.

As a result of treatment, previously vivid or traumatic memories may fade.  This could adversely impact the ability to provide detailed legal testimony regarding a traumatic incident.

I understand that Aligning Energies does not substitute for diagnosis or treatment from a licensed physician for illnesses, injuries or other medical conditions.

I have considered the above disclosures regarding the services offered by Cerridwen.  My questions about these services have been answered to my satisfaction.  I choose to participate in Aligning Energies work of my own free will and know that I have the right to ask additional questions or discontinue the work at any time.

I also understand that I am responsible for paying for all scheduled sessions except when cancelling with 24 hours notice or more.

Cerridwen’s role is to serve as energy healer, teacher, guide and coach.  Throughout our work together I maintain full responsibility for my choices and actions and for my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-care.

© 2008 Cerridwen

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