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Aligning Energies

Potential Benefits of Aligning Energies Work

*  Develop inner resources for confident and effective action

The first and most important inner resource you will develop in your Aligning Energies work with Cerridwen is your ability to center yourself and connect with your own inner guidance.

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Depending on what becomes clear as your highest priority goal and intervention, we may focus our work on strengthening your connection with a particular inner resource such as confidence, motivation, heart-centeredness or whatever is most important for you right now in your life. We can do this by building a strong image of what you will be like manifesting this desired resource and addressing any important inner conflicts, limiting beliefs or old hurts associated with this goal. We can strengthen the associative ties connecting the particulars of this resourceful state with the situations where it is most appropriate for you to express them.

We may do personal timeline work to strengthen your sense of ownership of this resource as part of your identity. We can also look at how this inner resource connects with your personal mission and ask for support from your ancestors or other allies in spiritual reality.

The work that we do together will always be guided by your own inner guidance and deepest wisdom, which help us sort out priorities during each session.

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