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Aligning Energies

Potential Benefits of Aligning Energies Work

*  Reduce pain, fear, and other forms of suffering

Pain is a strong message from the body telling us to pay attention. Whenever we experience pain, it is important to identify and deal with the physical causes of the pain.   Consult your medical doctor about any pain you experience, especially if it is sudden, chronic, or unfamiliar. 

But we all should know that tension, stress and emotional reaction patterns can trigger or exacerbate the experience of pain and suffering.  There is much that we can do to reduce our discomfort by working with subtle energies.   With caring attention and step-by-step instructions we can feel ourselves safely held and supported to let go, unwind, and clear out excess or obstructed energy.

Cerridwen has developed significant expertise in working with the subtle energies associated with pain and suffering.

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Negative emotions can cause tremendous amounts of suffering. Acute sadness, debilitating fear, persistent anger, in fact, all negative emotions relate to patterns of perception and belief in the energy field that we can identify and change, even if we cannot change the circumstances that trigger those reactions.

If you are ready to take greater responsibility for your own experience and consider some changes, then Cerridwen can assist you. You can identify and clear beliefs and energy patterns which contribute to your suffering and misery. You can reduce your suffering, build inner strength, and find new ways to encounter life.

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