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Aligning Energies

Potential Benefits of Aligning Energies Work

*  Free yourself from limiting beliefs and habits

Very little of what we think, do or say is really original, created in the moment as a fresh response to new perceptions and circumstances. We operate out of unconscious habits and patterns most of the time. In fact, our everyday sensory-based perception of reality is largely determined by old, deeply entrenched and mostly unconscious habits of categories and beliefs.

As small children, our families teach us who we are and what we should think about the world and our role in it. Some of that teaching happens consciously and deliberately, but most of it happens unconsciously for both the teachers and the learners. We simply absorb and transmit the beliefs and assumptions of the people and culture around us. When we get older, we may disagree and rebel with some of that programming, but freeing ourselves from it is another things altogether.

These beliefs can have profound effects on our health and wellbeing as well as our sense of freedom and empowerment to live our lives fully.

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One of the great gifts of the field of Energy Psychology is in providing comprehensive protocols for identifying and clearing limiting and sabotaging beliefs. For example, is there a part of you that believes that you don’t deserve to get well? Is there a part of you that believes that no treatment can really work for you? Is there a part of you that believes that you must be perfect and cannot be forgiven for past mistakes? Is there a part of you that believes that you are doomed to suffer? Does some part of you believe that you must be punished for the sins of your ancestors? Do you worry that you could lose your identity if you got over your problem? Is there some belief lurking inside that says that it isn’t safe for you to get over your problem?

When negative beliefs are ruling our consciousness, they can wreck havoc on our energies and our lives. Our energies can literally run in reverse, thereby making it extremely difficult to move forward on any of our goals.

Aligning Energies work places a high priority on identifying and clearing limiting beliefs and energy reversals. It really isn’t that difficult to do, but does take a certain awareness and expertise. Without attention to these matters, progress on personal growth and healing can be slow and difficult if not outright impossible.

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