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Aligning Energies

Potential Benefits of Aligning Energies Work

*  Connect with your own inner guidance

Cerridwen’s Aligning Energies work places a very strong emphasis on developing your own inner guidance.

For those of you who don’t yet know how to center and connect with your own guidance, Cerridwen has simple and straightforward steps for assisting you. The benefits can be truly huge. You can learn how to center your awareness, formulate relevant questions and connect with answers you can trust. These skills will provide you with a powerful inner resource.


If we find that you have major obstacles to connecting with your inner guidance, then identifying and addressing those obstacles can be an important and powerfully step in your personal and spiritual development. Learning to connect with your inner guidance can change how you view your connection with the Divine and your role and mission in life. It can deepen your spirituality and quality of life in profound ways.

If you already know how to center, ask and receive guidance, you will find the Aligning Energies approach one that moves rapidly and easily for you. We will build on what you already know and can do. With our work together, your inner guidance abilities are likely to grow deeper and stronger, improving with practice, helpful suggestions, encouragement and attention.

See articles on Inner Guidance: Inner Guidance, Step by Step pdf, and Obstacles to Inner Guidance pdf.

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