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Aligning Energies

Potential Benefits of Aligning Energies Work

*  Clear ancestral, past life, and archetypal entanglements

Sometimes the difficulties we are currently experiencing just don’t make any sense based on our personal life history. Getting a handle on the energetic causes of our difficulties occasionally takes us into the realm of past life, ancestral and archetypal entanglements.


All living systems have an energetic reality that transcends space and time. Some refer to these as morphic fields. Whatever you may think or believe about past lives and our connections with ancestors, energy psychology practitioners have found that identifying and clearing past life and ancestral entanglements can make a big difference in addressing present life problems.

Similarly, we all carry around archetypal imagery and energy that play an important role in our everyday lives. Archetypes reside in the collective unconscious and in the personal unconscious. Many archetypes are familiar from the realm of fantasy and myth. Examples include the power hungry villain, the knight in shining armor, the magical animal ally, the fairy godmother. You may find it easy to relate to some common archetypes. How many of us have an internalized “judge” or “critic” who endlessly nags us about our shortcomings and failures? Who doesn’t have an internalized “mother” figure who greatly resembles the real life mother that we remember from childhood? Or perhaps her opposite!

Sometimes the work that we need to do to move forward on our goals requires us to bring into awareness for healing the relationship we have with some primary archetype. This requires gentle guidance with spontaneous imagery and inner dialogue. We can also work directly with the energy associated with our archetypal relationships.

Cerridwen has a particularly strong background in assisting others in working with their own transpersonal and archetypal realities. She can assist you understanding this work within your own spiritual and religious framework, building bridges so that you can deepen your understanding and move toward healing and a sense of empowerment.

Those who do shamanic journey work deal with archetypal figures and energies all the time. In shamanism, animal and spirit allies assist the journeyer as they travel in non-ordinary reality for healing or empowerment. If you already have a background in this work, you will find Cerridwen a great ally and support in using the skills and connections you already have. She can help you identify and clear obstacles and limitations and find resources in non-ordinary reality. She can also offer suggestions and guidance in body-centered energy awareness and energy interventions to supplement what you already know in those areas.

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