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Here you’ll find links to articles I’ve written. Downloadable PDF files are marked with an icon pdf. Be sure you also check out the benefits, principles and resources pages for additional writings and links.

With all of this, hopefully you can find useful ideas and advice for your own learning, healing, and personal empowerment.  Please feel free to take any of it or leave it as it suits your situation and inner wisdom.

I welcome your kind, thoughtful and brief comments. Here's how to contact me.

Ordinary Reality, Spiritual Reality
A brief comparison of these modes of consciousness.
Inner Journeys, Descriptions and Definitions
Here you'll find functional definitions for intuition, divination, prayer, inner guidance, guided imagery, spontaneous imagery and shamanic journeying.
Inner Guidance, Step by Step  pdf
Directions for accessing inner wisdom.
Obstacles to Inner Guidance  pdf
This article names things that can block your connection with spiritual reality and offers suggestions for addressing them.
Source and Self  pdf
A way of thinking about what connects all the pieces and who we are in relationship to all that.
Maps and Modalities  pdf
How do we best learn, understand and communicate about our world?
Awareness and Action, A 3x4 model  pdf
A multi-modality model for connecting with Source.
About Qigong
My own philosophy and approach to qigong.
Muscle Testing Reliability
Some considerations for use and interpretation.
Muscle Testing and Inner Guidance
A little about how muscle testing and inner guidance are used in Aligning Energies work.

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