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Aligning Energies


Welcome to my website! Here you will find information on my Aligning Energies work and a great deal more. Please take some time to explore and let me know what you think. – Cerridwen

What is Aligning Energies?

Aligning Energies is a body-centered method for obtaining guidance, empowerment, and healing based on your connection with your own deepest wisdom. This sophisticated, holistic approach works with the mind/body/spirit connection and the human energy system.

Aligning Energies uses body-centered awareness, guided and spontaneous imagery, facilitated inner dialogue, and a wide repertoire of energy clearing, balancing, and strengthening techniques.

Aligning Energies work is a unique synthesis of techniques drawn from energy psychology, energy medicine, qigong, neuro-linguistic programming, Hellinger constellation work, transpersonal hypnotherapy, contemporary shamanism, and other sources.

These methods can facilitate important insights, energetic shifts, and immediate and long-term benefits.

Communication with your deepest wisdom guides each session, telling us your highest priority goal, what is interfering with the goal, and the best technique for clearing obstacles and developing inner resources. The emphasis is always on personal empowerment and effective self-care.

Whooping Crane


With guidance from your center
And healing in your hands
You can align your energies
For empowering your mission.


To learn more about Aligning Energies telephone and office sessions, go to the sessions overview page.

Here are links to read about the potential benefits of this work, the basic principles of Aligning Energies, and some background information on me.

Thank you for coming, visit again soon, and please stay in touch. – Cerridwen